Kroger Employee Login is an online Kroger Employee Login website. This online portal is created so that the Kroger employees can manage their information easily. Portal helps the Kroger employees check their Kroger Work Schedule or Kroger Eschedule.

In order to access the Kroger Login page, the employees use the URL. The process of login involves Kroger EUID and Password. Furthermore, You will also need to agree with the terms and conditions of login. Moreover, after accessing the portal, you can check your Kroger Feed online.

So if you are an employee that works at Kroger Grocery Store, then you need to Log in at Kroger today, because you are missing out a lot. You can check your daily tasks online at Kroger and complete them on time. More so, you can also interact with other employees using the Kroger Login.

Just follow the steps given below. But make sure to read the requirements before logging in at Kroger using the Because by reading them, you will have all the things before the login process. This way you will be able to log in at Kroger easily. What Do You Need?

Mentioned-below is the list of things you will need during the Login at Make sure to follow all the requirements in order to access the Kroger Portal.

  • First, you will need the valid Kroger EUID (Username) and Password
  • You will receive them from your Kroger Branch Manager
  • After that, you will need a mobile device connected to an internet connection
  • Then you will need the valid web address to the Kroger


When you visit the website, you need to make sure that you are not connected to a VPN. Because if you use the VPN, you will be blocked by the website, and will not be able to access the Kroger So please make sure before logging at at How to Login?

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to access the Schedule Login. Make sure to follow all the steps, so that you may not face any issues during the login process.

  • Go to the Kroger Login website at
  • Then on the website, enter your Kroger EUID and Password
  • After that, agree with the terms and conditions of the Login
  • For that, you will need to click the “I AGREE” button
  • And you are now logged in
  • Congratulation! Schedule Login: Features

If you are a Portal user, then you will be able to access the following features.

TasksWhen To Do
Checking Kroger EscheduleEveryday
Applying For leaveIn case of emergency
Adding or Changing Emergency Contact NumberWhen Needed
Checking Kroger Pay StubsEvery Wednesday
Performing Direct DepositWhen Needed
Communicate With Other EmployeesWhenever you want
Check Weekly PayrollsAt the end of the week
Changing Residential AddressWhen you are moving to a new place


That is all with Kroger Login. if you have any questions that you want to ask about, Schedule Login, Kroger Eschedule, or Kroger EUID, then make sure to enter them in the comment section below.

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